The treatment is performed using sterilized, disposable tools that create powder effect on the skin while inserting pigment with tattoo machine into the epidermis. The inserted pigment is much darker during the first 5-7 days, after which, the intensity of the color decreases by as much as 40%. The heeling process may last up to 28 days, after which, a new amount of pigment is added to the faded sections of the eyebrow. In case the skin is too oily or problematic, the process is repeated several times. Pigment retention depends on skin oiliness. Higher concentration of oil in the skin reduces the duration of pigment. Perspiration and sun exposure affect pigments as well. Average pigmentation retention is 10-12 months. After this period, touch ups are required to refresh the color. If the skin is too oily, corrections are performed after 6 months.


The first step in the heeling process:

30 minutes after treatment, gently clean the eyebrows with using water and regular soap . This way, surplus lymph is removed in order to prevent the formation of crusts, which have an adverse effect on the pigment. After cleaning the skin, apply cream prescribed according to skin type and lifestyle. Repeat this process 3-5 times a day.

It is not necessary to wash the eyebrows for the following 6 days because lymph will no longer appear. However, it is necessary to apply the cream 3-5 times per day during this period. Make sure you keep the eyebrows dry when washing the face or taking a shower during this period.

Clients with extremely oily skin should apply the cream for one day only. After which, the client should stop applying any ointments or creams.

Since any change in the structure of the skin (creation of thin connective tissue) diminishes pigment retention, it is very important for the skin to heal properly.

The successful outcome of the treatment also depends on the following:

• Skin quality

• Post- treatment care

• Exposure to various external factors

Artists have no control over any of the three factors listed above and therefore cannot guarantee the desired outcome of the treatment. Proper post-treatment care accounts for 70% of the success of the treatment. It is essential to adhere to the advice provided regarding eyebrow care until the skin has fully recovered. Otherwise, up to 80% colors can be lost . It is important that your you wash your face and apply the cream regularly.


The first step in lip treatment is to draw in the contours with a pen, which will provide a guideline during the treatment and serve to correct any irregularities in the shape of the natural lip. When drawing in eyeliner, a line is drawn from the outer toward the inner corner of the eye, serving as a guideline during treatment.

Eyeliner and lip contour drawing is performed using a PMU treatment machine , which deposits pigment into the skin. These machines gently touch the skin to avoid causing any injury. By stretching the skin properly (without applying any pressure) and applying short, swift strokes in the right direction, pigment is deposited into the skin and the desired effect is accomplished. The patches of skin that do not absorb the right amount of color can be touched up with short and swift strokes.

The final effects are expected within 28 days after treatment. After this period, corrections are possible if necessary.


Post treatment care is essential for perfect results. It affects about 70% of the overall result. For this reason, during consultations prior to and after treatment, the Artist will provide detailed instructions on the necessary procedures to be undertaken during the healing period.

Lips – during the first several days after treatment, use Wipes to gently clean the lips every 30-60 minutes. This will wipe any lymph away and prevent large crusts from forming. After removing the lymph, apply After Care Balm.

Eyelids – in terms of eyelid care, clean the line several times a day during the first two days using slightly damp pads, without applying too much pressure. If the skin feels extremely tight, apply a thin layer of After Care Balm. Avoid using skin care products after shading treatment since the effects of the treatment may wear off. Eyeliner drawing may cause swelling the following day. Should this happen, use a cream prescribed by a physician.

It is important to follow a regular hygiene routine before and after pigmentation treatment. Inadequate care may have an adverse effect on the final result. External or mechanical influences on the wound during the healing process may cause color loss or change in color. It is important to avoid any contact with direct sources of microbes.

In the first 7 days after treatment, it is necessary to avoid the following:

• Swimming

• Sports

• Saunas

• Tanning beds and sunbathing

• Use of cosmetic or skin care products on the pigmented area (e.g. cleansing milk, tonic, day and night creams, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick)

• Cosmetic treatments

Instructions provided by the Artist in regard to further after care must be followed for the first 48 to 72 hours. The treated area must be kept clean, protected from microbes as much as possible, and dry. It is recommended that you to use hand sanitizers (liquid or gel hand sanitizers in small packaging, available in all pharmacies and drugstores) during the day until the wound heals completely.

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