Eyelash and Eyebrow Lift and Tint
Eyelash and Eyebrow Lift and Tint
Brow lamination fills gaps and gives the illusion that you have thick, luscious brows without using invasive techniques
$130 · 1 hr 30 min

Service Description

Eyelash and Eyebrow Lift and Tint

Brow lamination is similar to a lash lift, as it lifts your brow hairs to make them look fuller and helps with getting unruly brow hairs in place. Brow lamination fills gaps and gives the illusion that you have thick, luscious brows without using invasive techniques. Packaged together with the popular eyelash lift and tint for a waterproof makeup look, without any.

Appointment Prep

Before Your Service We Request You Come With Clean Lashes. If You Must Come With Makeup On We Do Have Cleanser On Our Vanity For Clients To Use Prior To Their Appointment. We Do Need Clients To Come 10 Minutes Early To Ensure We Have Enough Time For The Service If A Client Need To Remove Their Makeup

Be Sure You Cannot Get Your Lashes Wet For 48 Hours Please Wash Your Hair And Shower Beforehand

Wear Glasses To Your Appointment As Contacts Cannot Be Worn During The Treatment


Avoid Water, Steam, Eye Make-Up, And Make-Up Remover For The First 48 Hours After Your Lift. As With Any Perming Treatment, Exposure To Moisture And Humidity Straight Afterward Can Ruin The Result. After 48 Hours Have Elapsed, You Can Treat Your Lashes As Usual – There’s No Need To Change Your Make-Up Routine Or Stop Cleansing Your Face

Avoid Rubbing Of The Lashes. Do Not Apply Force To The Lashes. Use Mild Products.

Do Not Use Waterproof Mascara Because The Removal Of The Mascara Is Very Harsh And It Can Damage The Eyes. Avoid Heat For 48 Hours After The Treatment.

We Advise Using A Conditioning Treatment Like Castor Oil To Keep Your Lashes Healthy And Nourished Post-Lift

Permanent Makeup Deposit & Cancellation Policy:

Eyelash and Eyebrow Lift and Tint

/ 01

At the time of your Permanent Makeup booking, you understand and consent to a deposit of $50-$100 being charged to your credit card.

/ 02

In regard to cancellations, you also understand and consent to the following:

– Cancellations with 72 hours or more notice – Your deposit of $50- $100 will be fully refunded. If you want to reschedule another appointment at the time of your cancellation, your deposit can be used for the new appointment.

– Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice will be non-refundable.


If you have a medical emergency and must cancel with less than 72 hour notice, please provide your medical receipt and your appointment can be rescheduled for another time with no additional deposit required.

/ 03

For bookings of two procedures or more, an additional non-refundable deposit of 100$-$50 per appointment will be required and charged to your credit card at the time of booking.


Permanent Makeup procedures take care and time to complete properly. When your appointment is booked, Wild At Heart schedules a minimum of three (3) hours to make certain that your procedure is not rushed and that you receive the finest results.

When a cancellation occurs with less then 72 hour notice, it leaves a 3 to 6 hour window of open time in the schedule which may not be able to be refilled with another client because of the short notice.

We take your procedure seriously and hope you will be considerate of our time and understanding of our policy.

general restrictions

/ 01

Must be 18 years of age or older

/ 02

Major scarring/keloids

/ 03


/ 04


/ 05

Auto-immune disease

/ 06


/ 07

Thyroid/Graves disease

/ 08

Anemia (pigment may not retain properly)

/ 09

Undergoing Chemotherapy (Consult with your doctor)

/ 10

Allergy to pigments (a test patch can be done 20 mins prior the procedure)

/ 11

Certain medications (discuss with the professional and let your Permanent Makeup (PMU) artist know)

/ 12

Use of Accutane in the past year, retinol or retina-a in the past 4 weeks

/ 13

Allergy to lidocaine (unless willing to get procedure done with no numbing)

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